It’s not often that something as hyped as Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s sit-down interview with Oprah actually delivers, but the Sunday night tell-all was about as explosive as it gets. You already know the bombshells: At least one member of the royal family openly fretted about baby Archie’s skin color, and Markle made the candid admission that she suffered from suicidal thoughts that went unaddressed by the institution. 

For people whose idea of palace intrigue plays out on YouTube, the revelations called to mind Dramageddon—the massively viral back-and-forth between Tati Westbrooke, James Charles, and Jefrree Star starting in 2019. Last night, Twitter was quick to mash royal drama and YouTube tea into memes. For example, if the monarchy actually wanted to prove that it’s no longer an antiquated institution built on racism and colonialism and in fact relevant to the world in 2021, it would look a little something like this.

The Queen, who normally avoids drama, would insist she was only speaking out to clear some things up. At this point in the discourse, I’d imagine some screenshots would accompany her side of the story. She’d also probably end the video saying this was the last time she’d speak publicly about this, only to return with a subtweet or, perhaps, a Notes App statement.

As funny as it is to picture the queen spilling tea (and not onto an antique rug next to a Corgi), the back-and-forth pioneered by internet stars isn’t too far removed from the reality of how many things work now. Given social media’s insatiable appetite, the notoriously private royal family is now being forced to handle things somewhat publicly. While it won’t be written in the Notes App, the likelihood that the palace will release a statement that gets posted across their social media sometime in the next few days is not zero. Give it a few more years, and maybe even the Queen or King will vlog about the issues of the day. That is, if the monarchy still exists.