Miami Heat center Meyers Leonard was put on indefinite leave from the NBA after using an anti-Semetic slur while playing Call Of Duty: War Zone on Twitch earlier this week, and now his wife, Elle Leonard, is facing the consequences on her popular TikTok account. The 29-year-old used TikTok to share “day in the life of an NBA wife” videos, as well as sports commentary and fitness content. But she went silent and limited comments on Tuesday, March 9, after her husband’s scandal, which opened her up to attacks from her half a million followers.

Meyers apologized for the incident on Instagram, claiming he was unaware of the slur’s meaning, but the team is still distancing themselves from him pending the outcome of an NBA investigation. Elle’s TikTok videos provided some of the context for the Monday incident, including footage of Meyers during the livestream. 

“His stream was going crazy, apparently,” she says in a video.

“So … how’s that stream going?” one commenter asked. 

Others are pointing out the obvious: That she won’t be able to make “day in the life of an NBA wife” videos if her husband is removed from the team.  

Elle has also limited comments on her Instagram, where she’s facing similar criticism. 

While Meyers is facing professional consequences, he’s managed to avoid attacks like the ones against his wife, having turned off comments on his Instagram apology and limited comments on past posts. Elle’s social media is now the main place fans have gone to respond to his slur. 

Elle’s own career may also now be in jeopardy: Her brand, Level Foods, has also turned off and limited Instagram comments.