A popular TikTok content house has come tumbling down—and it’s bringing another one with it. The remaining members of Not A Content House—an LA-based collaborative featuring creators Ava Tortorici, Devyn Winkler, Cynthia Parker, Sab Quesada, Anna Shumate, and Eva Cudmore—posted a damning video on YouTube on Wednesday announcing their departure, citing a toxic situation with management that allegedly included threats, unattainable expectations regarding posting and brand deals, and inappropriate comments such as calling a 16-year-old member “mentally underdeveloped.” 

Not A Content House is managed by Clubhouse Media Group, which is backed by real estate developer Amir Ben-Yohanan. Ben-Yohanan is named specifically in the video as the reason for the girls’ departures. A representative for Clubhouse Media Group did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

But it’s not just NACH. As soon as the wave of departures and allegations were made public on TikTokRoom, former members of Clubhouse, another content house under the Clubhouse Media Group umbrella, came out in support of them, with Teala Dunn and others citing similar experiences. Even those in unaffiliated houses, like Hype House, took to the comments to speak out on their interactions with Clubhouse and NACH management.

“That house has been run by criminals the whole time,” Thomas Petreau, Hype House co-founder, alleged in a comment. “They actively tried to ruin my life for 6 months from people hacking my accounts, lawsuits, and plenty of physical threats because I refused to work with them from the start. I’m glad all those kids got out of that terrible situation.”

Daisy Keech, a Hype House and Clubhouse co-founder who left the latter in August, sympathized with the girls’ experience.

“Ur lives will be so much more peaceful and drama free after getting out,” she wrote. 

The breakdown of NACH and Clubhouse come in the same week that Griffin Johnson confirmed on Twitter that Sway House—which he belonged to with Josh Richards, Bryce Hall, Jaden Hossler, Noah Beck, Anthony Reeves, Kio Cyr and Quinton Griggs—is no longer active.

These are not the only recent failed content houses. In October, Vox published a lengthy report on the Girls In The Valley house, which fell apart after accusations, among others, that manager Ariadna Jacob was withholding money from her clients (Jacob denied this to Vox). Many other houses never achieve enough recognition to warrant any news when they disappear. 

Nevertheless, the experience at NACH hasn’t turned the girls off content houses completely. At the end of their video, they announced that the collective will continue under a new name, unaffiliated with the house’s previous management.