Update 10/27: On his personal Instagram story Tuesday evening, Ebi reavled his specific diagnosis, which is blastic plasmacytoid dendritic cell neoplasm. This rare disease is a hematologic malignancy of the bone marrow and blood.

On Tuesday night, UCLA ICU nurse Ebi made a rare personal appearance on Instagram. Ebi, who prefers to not share his last name, runs @nurselifern, where over one million followers normally tune in for memes about nurse culture. But he delivered his message last night from the other side of the hospital bed: He’s been diagnosed with leukemia. 

“I’m sure some of you noticed I disappeared offline about a week ago, I hadn’t been feeling that great for a while,” he says in the video, first posted on his personal account @ebi_eats. “Turns out it was leukemia.”


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Ebi kept his good humor throughout the announcement, telling viewers they “don’t need to by crying in the club” because he’s “going to be fine.”

“Chemo’s going well,” he says, adding, “It hasn’t been that bad. My side effects have been okay. I feel pretty lucky.”

However, he did touch on the issue of insurance—namely, that he’s unsure if his will cover the entirety of his treatment. While he says he doesn’t need to create a GoFundMe to crowdsource money just yet, it’s possible he will “at some point.”

“If we can’t take care of our healthcare workers as far as our insurance...I don’t know, it just seems fucked up,” he says. 

Already, he and the NurseLifeRN team have set up a Caring Bridge page where fans will receive health updates. 

In addition to @nurselifern, Ebi and his team run the website Nurse Speak that shares nurse stories and sells merch. It’s also the name of his podcast, where he invites guests to share their own nursing stories. 

In the comments of the video announcement, followers are sharing their support.

“We will water you now Ebi you’ve watered us long enough,” one wrote. 

“Never knew the person behind the page but sending blessings and prayers your way King,” another said. 

“I know this is an incredible community to even be able to come and talk to you guys like this,” Ebi signed off his announcement, adding, “I hope I didn’t bum anyone out because I promise I’m fine."