Before I even had time to process that I was watching a new Olivia Jade vlog—the first since her influencer career went tumbling after her involvement in the college admissions scandal—a bit of text in the top right corner assured me that a percentage of her adsense money from this and all videos going forward will be donated to “a charity” that she works with but does not name. 

It’s good to get that out of the way early, because there are a lot of people who believe the 21-year-old never deserves to make money as a public figure again. Her parents’ participation in a fraud scheme that got Olivia and her sister into the University of Southern California highlighted the ways white privilege, wealth, and connections cheat deserving people out of potentially life-changing opportunities. As Adrienne Banfield-Norris pointed out on Red Table Talk, even if she never vlogged again, Olivia Jade would be fine. 

So there’s no reason you should feel compelled to support her return to YouTube, where she had been uploading videos for five years before going silent when her parents went on trial. But if you do, then she’s going to try her darndest to make sure you’re never mad at her again.

In her introduction, she says anyone interested in hearing her side of the scandal should go check out her Red Table Talk interview. Then, Olivia cuts into her own video from the future, saying: “Quick little editor’s note because I didn’t want this to come across the wrong way...I just didn’t want it to seem like I was being like, ‘I went on Red Table and now my name’s cleared.’ No.” 

Only then does what she refers to as “Olivia Jade episode one, season one” begin, with clips of her with friends and family on vacation—oh, wait, there’s another disclaimer: “All group clips were shot before covid in this intro fyi!!” she writes. “Wear a mask and avoid large gatherings rn :)”

We are now two minutes and 45 seconds into the vlog. Luckily, the disclaimers die down. In fact, the rest of the video is pretty uneventful. It confirms that Olivia Jade had been spending her quarantine the way I pictured it: in a very nice, all-white apartment with minimal appliances, doing her skincare routine, and eating salad. There’s a whole segment of the vlog that’s just about how she makes rice (she does it with butter).

If you’re looking for things to hate on in the vlog, you’ll have a hard time—even the face wash she uses turns out not to be exorbitantly priced (I googled it). It’s a video of ... nothing, a soothing balm to my brain, and if my view was somehow contributing money to “a charity,” then why not stay tuned? I even got a new face wash out of it.