On Tuesday, January 26 the news and gossip Twitter account Def Noodles posted a screenshot of a June 25, 2020 letter from a law firm working with a 14-year-old girl to Lavely & Singer, a Los Angeles-based entertainment litigation firm representing TikTokker Ondreaz Lopez, regarding an “incident” in which the 23-year-old “engaged in sexual intercourse with a minor.”

A source close to the matter now says the attorney for the girl ultimately did not pursue the case, and that Lopez is not being sued. 

“This is nothing but a scam and an attempted shakedown,” a spokesperson for Lopez says in a statement. “From the beginning, this person insisted that she was an adult—and provided photos as evidence to support that claim. Even her own cousin has since written to Ondreaz to apologize, admitting that this whole interaction was designed from the start to set up and entrap him. Ondreaz has done absolutely nothing wrong and has not been sued by anyone. People should look at the facts before jumping to conclusions—and provably untrue claims must not be allowed to destroy someone’s career and reputation.”

Meanwhile, some creators appear to be distancing themselves from Lopez and his brother, Tony, 20, who himself was sued for sexual battery earlier this month.

Ondreaz Lopez denied an accusation of sexual assault in June 2020. The letter wasn’t the only disturbing document to surface this week: A TikTok account that has aired a similar accusation against Lopez posted a video in which a voice, alleged to be Lopez’s, tells the mother of a 14-year-old girl that he realizes he could, in the mother’s words, “end up in jail.”

Shortly after the clip’s release, Ondreaz’s girlfriend, Hannah Stocking, posted a picture of herself crying, and deleted all photos with Ondreaz from her Instagram. 

Other creators have also attempted to scrub the Lopez brothers from their accounts. James Charles has privated a “TikTok Sing Off” video that featured the pair, and a number of Hype House members—a TikTok collective that Tony and Ondreaz previously belonged to—have unfollowed Ondreaz, according to screenshots posted by Def Noodles.