TikTok users’ obsessions are rapid and varied—a strawberry dress one minute and Christmas (in July) the next. But one trend I never saw coming is the app’s recent affinity for ... Poland. No disrespect to Poland! My friend went to Kraków and said she liked it. But it’s not just Poland, but Poland’s flag that’s captured everyone’s attention. Now, a 2015 song called “I Love Poland” by Hazel has usurped “mi pan su su sum” as the TikTok song living rent-free in my brain. 

“I love Poland—Poland?/I love Poland—Why?” the lyrics read. Later: “I love Poland—Why?/I love Poland—Shut up!”

On August 31, an account titled @poland___is___everywhere posted a video of the flag of India. Using the iPhone screen record tool, the user uses a series of zooms, crops, and color edits in the Camera app to “find” the Polish flag within it.

Around the same time, a few other accounts posted similar videos, all under versions of the username “Poland Is Everywhere,” all using “I Love Poland” by Hazel as the audio, some racking up 10 million views.

“Why are they obsessed with Poland?” one user asked in the comments of one of these videos.

“Cause Poland is elite,” another replied. 

“I mean I’m from Poland and I just don’t understand,” the first user replied.

Neither does a user name Jaclyn, who nevertheless made her own video hopping on the trend.

“To be honest, I don’t know how it got popular,” she explained over Instagram DM. “I think that so many people used it, and it was such a wacky trend, that it caught on and everyone wanted to take random pictures and videos and find Poland’s flag in them.” 

Not only have people started requesting flags for these creators to find Poland in (“Bet you can’t do Pakistan,” one commenter dared—reader, they did Pakistan) but they’ve been “finding” the flag in emojis, real-life pictures, and even making Poland flag-themed Starbucks drinks.


Reply to @mitchszlachetka you can't hide from it🇵🇱❤️ #itsallpoland #poland #polandiseverywhere #fyp

♬ I love Poland(remix) - Hazel

Poland is everywhere this was requested in the comments of my last one but my guy deleted his comment) #poland #polandiseverywhere #polandbest

♬ I love Poland(remix) - Hazel

This isn’t Poland’s first appearance on the app. The same song went viral as a dance challenge on the Chinese version of TikTok, Douyin, back in summer 2019. This year, the trend has gone digital—and is arguably less compelling to watch. So why do I suddenly find myself wondering if the Polish flag is hidden in this article? TikTok, do your thing.