New: Perverts Are Ruining the Silhouette Challenge (February 3, 2021)

Being hot on TikTok isn’t a new trend—and neither is being hot on TikTok to a Doja Cat song. But the latest hit sound on the app puts a new spin on both those things, remixing the singer’s song “Streets” with “Put Your Head on My Shoulder” by Paul Anka. Combine that with a red filter that gives the creator their own Flashdance silhouette and you have the #SilhouetteChallenge. 

TikTok has a penchant for giving old songs new life, whether they’re from 2009 or, in the case of “Put Your Head on My Shoulder,” 1959 (the same decade as another oldie TikTok has resurfaced: “Oops” by Doris Day). It also means the lyrics have been totally reappropriated. Regular users probably won’t be able to hear them now without immediately thinking of TikTok.

“Put your head on my shoulder

Hold me in your arms, baby

Squeeze me oh-so-tight

Show me that you love me too”

It’s only the first line of the Paul Anka song that made it into the trend. In fact, it cuts off halfway through “shoulder” and threads right into the instrumental beginning of “Streets,” at which time the creator of the video cuts from a normal shot, usually in their bathroom, to a heavily silhouetted clip of them moving sensually in the doorway. 

The red filter used to achieve the effect isn’t actually available on TikTok. Instead, creators are making the videos in Snapchat using its “vin rouge” filter and then reuploading the video to TikTok. 

The popularity of #SilhouetteChallenge likely has something to do with how it plays off recent trends like #BussIt, which also pairs a sudden transformation with a beat dropping. Plus, it’s impossible not to look good with this flattering filter.

i would like to thank my self discipline for this ⌛️ #gymmotivation #liftheavy #hourglassfigure

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