There are several valid reasons to wish you were a baby right now, but the most compelling might be so you can swaddle yourself in Fin & Vince’s wholesome pastel knits for kids. The brand has the last Instagram page on which you’d expect to find anything stressful or messy or dramatic. So when they posted a lengthy statement on their Instagram story about an experience they had with creator Seed & Sparrow, I knew some tradwife shit was going down. 

“Many of you have reached out with concern over what has transpired over the last day,” it reads. “A new employee of ours recently reached out to an IG account to host a home tour. The video submitted was approved before I, myself, posted it without checking her IG for any politically divisive posts.”

Fin & Vince claim that Seed & Sparrow, who identified herself as the subject of the scandal on her own page, had previously posted “polarizing” views, and they decided to take down the video to put a stop to the heated comments on their page. In a series of Instagram stories and posts, Seed & Sparrow denied ever getting political on her page while at the same time accusing the brand of “throw[ing her] in the garbage” because she identifies as Christian and conservative.

“You can sell all the beautiful, over-priced knits and all the Instagram-worthy baby blankets in the world...but at the end of the day, your soul is just as dark as your business practices,” she wrote.

Seed & Sparrow denied getting political, but Reddit preserved a screenshot of an Instagram Story of her’s that promised that Donald Trump would win the election, resulting in “rioting and death” and a “harvesting of souls.” It’s unclear if the story was posted before or after Joe Biden won the election.

Fin & Vince blame Seed & Sparrow’s Instagram post for instigating the controversy, and shared a number of hateful messages they received from her defenders, such as “you are a sack of shit.” 

“To say that we are disappointed in fellow Christians using their faith as a justification to spread hate is an understatement at best,” the brand says. 

According to Seed & Sparrow’s Instagram story, she has gained over 8,000 followers in the day following the controversy, and her following continues to rise even as she promises that she will no longer be speaking on the scandal.  

Neither Fin & Vince nor Seed & Sparrow responded to requests for comment.