For the everyday TikTok user, hearing that yet another celebrity has joined the platform is hardly news. Unless they’re willing to go full Jason Derulo and participate in every ridiculous trend and break their teeth eating corn off a drill, a celebrity’s TikTok presence is just like everything else in their lives: guarded, curated, and distant. Which is why a recent video of Selena Gomez appeared to break the mold. 

The video, which has been viewed 14 million times, shows the singer and actress applying make up. Over top of it, there’s surprisingly confessional text. 

“You knew what you were doing and you knew it would break my heart,” it reads, later adding, “You are a married man now. So do me a favor and stop stalking me."

The “married man” in question is clearly Gomez’s ex, Justin Bieber, and this appeared to be the most candid she had ever been about their relationship. Except, Selena Gomez didn’t post it. @SelenaRGomez, a fake Selena Gomez account, did.

The mix-up is understandable. It’s just a rogue “R” that differentiates this handle from that of Gomez’s actual TikTok, @selenagomez. But something like this would have been spotted a mile away on Instagram or Twitter. So why did up to 14 million people on TikTok think it was the real thing? 

While the comments on the TikTok have been disabled (likely after people caught on to the ruse), Twitter is still abuzz.

“Why is nobody talking about Selena Gomez’s tiktok calling out JB for stalking her?! Omg. The tea is hot!” one user wrote.

“Selena Gomez calling out Justin Bieber on Tiktok for stalking her is what I needed today. Love it,” another said.  

Perhaps this was a case of wishful thinking. As TikTok celebrities rise to the same level of fame as more “traditional” stars, the expectation for what it even means to have fans is changing. Internet celebrities often become such because of their reliability and accessibility—two traits that are the exact opposite of the celebrities who walk the Met Gala red carpet and give house tours to Architectural Digest. If they want to keep up with the Charli D’Amelios of the world, they’ll need to post videos about their life and pictures of their broken noses and, yes, some shady stuff about their exes

So, no, this was not Selena Gomez’s debut as a tea-spilling TikTok queen. But she should consider it her invitation to be.