As a general rule, TikTok is no place for actual celebrities. I don’t want misguided attempts at Gen Z trends made by B-listers seemingly held at gunpoint by their publicists to interrupt my eager consumption of everyday people pretending to be Sims and dancing to the Grammarly commercial. But I’ll make an exception for Shania Twain

The singer joined the app over the weekend, kicking things off by posting clips from her old music videos. That was all well and good, but we knew that if Twain wanted to make it in this town, we were gonna need a little less pixelated 2003 nostalgia and a little more dancing on a table in a bikini. It didn’t take long for her to deliver. 

First, though, she gave us a glimpse at her bedroom, which opens up onto a picturesque oceanscape. There, the 55-year-old danced in a sheer butterfly nightgown to “Man! I Feel Like A Woman” in honor of International Women’s Day. Over 10 million people watched the clip and rushed to the comments to praise the singer and share their Shania memories. 

“I’ve landed on ShaniaTok and I’m making myself at home!!!” one user said in a comment that Twain herself liked.

Twain then changed into a different sheer ensemble—a coverall over a bikini—and danced to Lizzo’s “Juice” on top of a glass table, the ocean ebbing and flowing through a window in the background. In the caption, Twain announced she made a playlist for IWD on TikTok, but everyone just commented on how good Twain looked in her outfit.

“55 has never looked so good!” one fan wrote.


I’ve made a playlist for #IWD 🎶 Go to camera mode and press sounds at the top to check it out! #whenwomenwin #wearehere #thankstoher @lizzo ❤️

♬ Juice - Lizzo

The real reason Twain joined the app became clear a few hours later, when she posted a video of herself in the recording studio with the caption, “In new music mode.” But even if this whole thing was just to drum up buzz for her upcoming projects, users aren’t complaining. In fact, many believe that Twain joining the app and making new music may actually be the saving grace that 2021 needs. 

“She really said let’s go girls…” one user wrote. “And saved 2021.”