It’s TikTok’s world, and now pretty much every other social media platform is living in it. Today, Snapchat announced the launch of “Spotlight,” an additional tab where they’ll highlight the best videos submitted by Snapchat creators—and pay them for it. 

The Spotlight page of Snapchat is extremely similar in concept to TikTok’s For You page, except Snapchat picks the videos that will appear on the Spotlight feed from a pool of submissions from users. Then, depending on things like the video’s total number of unique video views and its performance compared to others that appear in Spotlight, the creator can earn a share of one million dollars allocated daily to pay creators. 

Snapchat was the blueprint for “stories,” which have taken over pretty much every social media platform (see: Twitter’s recently-announced Fleets). Creators like Jack Settleman have been loyal to the platform this whole time, building a huge following thanks to the one-on-one nature of the app and its new creator page feature. However, the launch of Spotlight feels like the biggest step the company has taken in pursuit of facilitating true Snapchat stardom, and perhaps knocking TikTok down a peg. 

Similar to Spotlight, TikTok’s “Creator Fund,” which launched in July, started with a $200 million pot to pay participating eligible creators for their videos. The fund plans to grow to $1 billion in the next three years. Some creators in the program have been disappointed with how that money is being distributed, and have even accused the app of purposefully limiting their views in order to pay them less, according to Wired.

Snapchat’s Spotlight has much broader eligibility than the Creator Fund. Anyone who is 16 or older can submit their videos, as opposed to 18, and they do not need to previously have a following. Already, the videos on Spotlight appear to be genuine Snapchats posted by users, rather than the bootlegged TikToks that have plagued other TikTok copycats like Reels. The future is definitely promising—if influencers aren’t already too overwhelmed by all the other new social media features to use it.