Last month, baby carrier brand Solly Baby came under fire from commenters who pointed out that their latest wrap, the Loop carrier, was not a new invention but based on a technique that had been a tradition in BIPOC communities for centuries. Solly Baby responded by withdrawing their patent application and, on Monday, February 8, posting a video from founder Elle Rowley apologizing and acknowledging their missteps. But the brand’s issues may be just beginning.


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Jamie Grayson, the baby gear and safety expert who unearthed Taking Cara Babies creator Cara Dumaplin’s history of donating to Donald Trump last month, says he’s found evidence of similar support for Trump from Solly Baby’s educator, Morgan Castner. Castner’s role includes interacting with customers one-on-one through consultations that can be booked through the website

While nofilter was unable to independently verify Grayson’s claims, he wrote in his Instagram story that he has screenshots of Castner’s Facebook page “where she supports [Trump] along with conspiracy theories involving the Capitol terrorist raid, voter fraud, etc.” 

In a statement to nofilter, a rep for Solly Baby appeared to confirm the allegations:

“We were unaware of our educator’s political leanings prior to this, as she is an absolute professional who respects and loves every person who comes to her for assistance. It is illegal under multiple statutes to fire someone for their political beliefs. To further support our community, however, we are seeking to add a BIPOC educator to our team so our community members can choose who they feel most comfortable working with.”

Grayson remains skeptical. 

“Do not for one minute try to gaslight everyone telling them you did not know,” he wrote on his Instagram story, addressing Rowley. “You have worked with this woman for years, you are close personal friends, and she represents your brand directly to customers.” 

Solly Baby customers seem to feel a similar betrayal as Dumaplin’s followers: Someone who was trusted with giving advice about babies and parenting allegedly supported a president who put migrant children in cages. If Solly Baby’s educator believes in conspiracy theories, that calls into question her credibility to advise parents on the safety of their babies.