Tired: The blue and gold dress from 2015. Wired: This strawberry dress that’s been making the rounds on TikTok and Twitter. The image of the $490 glitter-patterned, strawberry-dotted tulle gown from designer Lirika Matoshi is the only thing that shows up when you search “strawberry dress” on Google. On Twitter, users are photoshopping the dress onto different celebrities, describing its personality, and imagining it interacting with other garments. TikTokkers, meanwhile, are documenting themselves receiving the coveted item in the mail and trying it on in their mirrors.

“It‘s a perfect mix of modernism and [the] Victorian age, which I think is the main reason why people are obsessed with it,” a Twitter user named Sonya, who runs the popular Instagram Dakota Johnson’s Closet, tells me over DM. 

“It’s one of those ‘when I’m successful, that’s the kind of dress I’ll buy’ dresses,” Nicole Cuddihy, a costume designer who made a version of the beloved dress for people to use on Animal Crossing, says, also over DM. 

While the dress has been around for most of the year, it has recently had a resurgence in popularity—an undeniably weird time for dresses. Unless you’re going to lounge around in your house wearing a gown, Marie Antoinette-style, there’s really no reason to order one. And yet, people are shelling out for it (or regretting purchasing a knockoff) in the midst of a global pandemic. In fact, that’s actually why Cuddihy thinks people are so hypnotized by it.

“Both Lirkia and Teuta Matoshi have been very popular this year, especially while we’ve all been at home, gazing into our screens, dreaming of dressing up for fancy occasions,” says Cuddihy, who decided to make the dress pattern for Animal Crossing in hopes of steering people away from buying knock-offs. She says that while Nintendo doesn’t release statistics on pattern downloads, the design has been “pretty popular” based on the number of people who’ve tagged her in posts after downloading it.

As for Sonya, she’s been one of the many users Photoshopping the dress onto celebrities like her fave, Dakota Johnson. With stars out and about much less in 2020, these Photoshopped images are giving the dress the life fans feel it deserves. Here it is on Zendaya! Harry Styles! Led Zeppelin, for some reason!

TikTok musician Mxmtoon even wrote a song about it. 

“Here you are sitting right there before me, strawberry dress and your smile restores me,” she sings with a laugh.

The strawberry dress represents a life that none of us are really living right now while vaguely appealing to the cottagecore aesthetic we’re soothing ourselves with on TikTok. Even if you buy it, it’s going straight into your closet. But it’s there, and with it, the potential for that night in the future when you can finally put it on and step back out into the world with a swish of tulle. Until then, I’m sure Tom Nook appreciates you dressing up for him.