I don’t mean that headline literally, of course, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Taylor Nolan has an old joke on her Twitter making fun of amputees. In case you haven’t heard by now, former Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise contestant is in a firestorm of controversy after old tweets of hers—mocking everyone from disabled people to Indians to Jews to rape victims to “gingers” and more—resurfaced. 

This comes in the midst of a reckoning over racism in the Bachelor Nation, following the scandal surrounding current contestant Rachael Kirkconnell, who was accused of a host of past racist actions (including attending “antebellum”-themed parties, liking Instagram photos that include Confederate flags, and allegedly bullying a classmate for “liking Black guys”). Chris Harrison subsequently went on national television to defend Rachael, and we all know how that went—he ended up mansplaining racism to host Rachel Lindsay in a cringe-worthy, now-viral segment. After a social media outcry, he stepped down from his post as the omnipotent overseer of all things Bachelor franchise, although this move appears to be only temporary. (Of course, the show already has a long and problematic racist history to begin with, and these back-to-back bungles simply illuminate the existing issues within the franchise.) 

Nolan, a licensed therapist, has helped lead the charge to fire Chris Harrison, and has long been outspoken about the show’s diversity and representation (or lack thereof)—which is what makes these tweets so much more disturbing and disappointing. Some of them were posted as recently as 2014, when she was a college student, and only three years before she went on to compete for Nick Viall’s heart on his season of the Bachelor

She made fun of her own clients on the internet, used the r-word, and said some truly terrible things about suicide that I won’t even repeat. (She now bills herself as a mental health advocate with a podcast on the topic.) She made fun of rape survivors. (She has “sexologist” in her Instagram bio now.) She made fun of fat people many, many, many times. (But she’s super body-positive in 2021.) 

When the tweets began to make their rounds earlier this week, Nolan immediately jumped on Instagram to post a video of herself looking unsettlingly self-satisfied, justifying her remarks by saying they must’ve been dug up by white supremacists simply looking to bring her down, and she never deleted them on purpose because they’re part of her “journey.” Even though she’d never publicly addressed them before. 

To no one’s surprise, this didn’t go over well, and she later posted a written apology attempting to backtrack and individually address every marginalized group she offended. (Yet she still managed to leave some out.) For someone who famously holds people to account for far less, Nolan’s bungled attempts to manage the PR crisis exposed her as nothing less than a massive hypocrite. 

Nolan’s tweets were vile, disgusting, and harmful, and speak to her character more than simply a moment of bad judgment. To me, it doesn’t matter how long ago they were. That kind of hatred is a peek into the mind of someone who is clearly in no position to have a platform as an Insta-famous therapist preaching about rights and wrongs. It’s difficult to imagine she comes back from this, as her entire presence now feels fraudulent. Is she genuine, or was she just building a brand? Her followers will never know, and she has a lot of work to do to gain their trust back. 

Nice Lie, Arielle

If you read this column a few weeks back, you know by now that Arielle Charnas is rumored to be neighbors—and besties—with Ivanka Trump in Miami. And although Charnas denied the claim completely, the evidence just keeps piling up.

Last week, Charnas posted that her 4-year-old daughter Ruby has a new friend named “Teddy,” who she met at school. Charnas cryptically shared information about the budding friendship with her followers with weird details no one asked for or should care about, and then posted a full-on photo showing the back of Teddy’s head. Of course, followers quickly noticed “Teddy” seems to look and sound suspiciously like Ivanka’s 4-year-old son Theodore, whom Ivanka shares with Botox-boy Jared Kushner. 

From what I’ve gathered, this child can’t be anyone but Theodore Kushner, as the “school” the children attend is actually just a pod with only a handful of students. One of whom is Theodore.

 I would bet a large sum of money that Something Navy sales are down and Charnas was hoping for some Ivanka-adjacent publicity—and when that didn’t work, she simply denied it outright when asked by a follower, for fear of backlash. (Again, this is just a theory! And when you have a known track record of obscuring the truth, well…)  

Scott Disick, Stay Away From the Teenage Girls 

In light of the latest Chris D’Elia news, I think we should all be asking ourselves: Where do we draw the line?

I won’t get too far into this because I’m running out of room, but if you missed it, I encourage you to read the full lawsuit filed against Chris D’Elia this week alleging charges of child pornography and exploitation. The “Jane Doe” behind the lawsuit is currently 24, and claims she was groomed, manipulated, and sexually assaulted by the comedian in 2014, when she was 17 and she was 34. The details are stomach-churning to read. 

Considering Disick, 37, has a history of dating teenagers since his 2015 breakup with Kourney Kardashian, including Bella Thorne (now 23), Sofia Richie (now 22), and currently Amelia Hamlin (19), who is closer in age to his oldest son Mason than Disick himself—I… have some questions. 

I know in the eyes of the law their relationship is legal, but I wish Lisa Rinna, Hamlin’s mother, would rein things the f*ck in a little! I think of myself at age 19—I was a baby!—and how much a public relationship with a man twice my age would likely affect me forever. (Hamlin only has two years on the then-17-year-old Jane Doe, who, based on her lawsuit against D’Elia, will be dealing with trauma for the rest of her life.) But, hey, I’d probably do a lot of things differently in life if I were Rinna. At least her “Kardashians-inspired” show is allegedly no longer happening, if that gives anyone else a bit of reprieve.