Catherine Paiz began her recent day-in-the-life YouTube video on The Ace Family channel promising to be as “genuine, as raw, as real as possible.” Then she edited out a controversial, now-viral moment. In a clip that made the rounds on TikTok, Paiz and her husband, former college basketball star Austin McBroom, get into a brief argument in which McBroom can be heard swearing in front of his three young children. 

The McBrooms—Paiz, McBroom, and their three children Elle, Alaia and Steel—are the kind of beautiful family whose channel has over 19 million subscribers on YouTube. They post aspirational vlogs with all-caps, clickbaity titles like “THIS IS THE END” (it wasn’t). Their large California home, successful juice brand, home chef, and nanny reflect a picture-perfect life. But the recent editing mistake proves that even their “genuine” moments are curated.


Its sad that they try and act like they have no flaws, I love catherine and the babies but Austin just aint it. #acefamily

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“My hair looks fucked up,” McBroom says after Paiz sighs and lowers the camera in the now-deleted clip. “I would not film like this. So just go.” They then re-film the intro that’s seen in the video, their faces going from exasperated back to happy family in time it takes to snap a rubber band.

It was an illicit, unauthorized glimpse into a behind-the-scenes moment that stands in total opposition to the image they project. Lavish gifts and playful pranks usually dominate their online persona, and while the argument no longer appears in the vlog, those aware of the initial clip are privy to the fact that the all-smiles version of the introduction is a second attempt at portraying their day-in-the-life in a more favorable light. 

Viewers have even gone as far as to accuse McBroom of being abusive and claim Paiz is unhappy in the relationship. There’s no way to know any of that from just a 10 second clip, but this accidental reveal is a symptom of influencers who curate and monetize their daily lives. For normal people, life is full of these small missteps that go undocumented. If I have a bad day at work, I can close my laptop and recharge with my friends and family. But when your friends and family are your work, as is the case for Paiz, a bad day has much more emotional consequences.

Paiz attempted to say as much when she addressed the controversy on Twitter.

But seeing how the sausage is made has prompted viewers to wonder what else in the vlog isn’t exactly genuine. It’s something influencers often say—that we’re just getting a small glimpse into only the good parts of their lives. Some have to see it to believe it, but what they saw can’t be unseen—even if it gets edited out.