Craigslist roommates are so millennial. Gen Zers are moving in with fellow TikTokkers. Popular Vine stars began moving in together in 2014, and today, mansions teeming with TikTok and YouTube stars who live and breathe content dominate Los Angeles. The creators collaborate day and night for millions of combined followers. 

Seeing the fruits of this labor—catchy videos, playful day-in-the-life vlogs, FOMO-inducing selfies—one can’t help but wonder what it’s actually like in one of these houses. Does everyone get along? Who does the dishes? Throw quarantine into the mix, and those questions become all the more urgent.

That’s why we’re asking these content collectives to fill out our new In The House survey. Ahead, find out what goes on when the residents of The Vault put down their phones.

Name: The Vault 

Formed: March 2020

Combined number of followers: 15M on Tiktok, 4M on Instagram, 1M on Youtube

Members: Jackson Kreicioch, Bryce Xavier, Malcom Suarez, Mariano Castano, Peyton Sama, Jackie Ybarra, Keith Pichardo, Cayman Rhodes, Rave Vanias, Kiera Vanias

Age range: 17-22


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What type of content do you make?

At The Vault, we're diverse people and so is our content. We make lifestyle, singing, fashion, dance, and beauty content. 

What’s the meaning of the name of the house? How did you come up with it?

Rave Vanias came up with it. The meaning is two-part: First, the name represents us as a group. We're very exclusive and unique. Our house has well-known creators, but also creators that are "hidden gems.” Second, our content is something the world doesn't have. It's a prized possession, something valuable, and we're letting people in. 

If your house had a slogan, what would it be?

"The Vault — unlock greatness." 

What are some traits that the members share?

Great comedic timing, genuineness, loyalty, tenacity, and authenticity.

What are some house rules?

1. Clean up your own mess.

2. Always respect one another and each other's belongings. 

3. No slacking. Always keep a consistent content schedule. 

What’s been the hardest part about being in quarantine together? What’s the best part?

The hardest part has been not being able to hang out and collaborate with outside friends we used to see all the time before quarantine. The best part is growing much closer because we're together 24/7. Now we're like one big family! 

What’s the silliest argument that’s happened in the house?

The silliest argument we had was about dirty dishes being left in the sink. We also had a really unnecessary fight about what pet we should get for The Vault. We now have a chameleon named Bean. 

What would your fans be surprised to know about what happens in the house?

We're actually close and love each other like family. We have family meetings, movie nights, family dinners. We even have small fights, just like siblings.

If you could recruit any other creator into the house, who would it be?

The Gomillion siblings.

What’s something that someone in the house always gets teased about?

Kiera and Rave Vanias always get teased for taking a super long time to get ready. They take twice as much time as the other house members. 

Which member is the mom of the house, and who is the dad?

The mom of the house is Kiera Vanias. She gets on everyone to do what they are supposed to and doesn't let things slide. Bryce Xavier is the dad of the house. He is the fun-loving type, but also very business oriented and keeps everything in line. He is one making schedules and helping The Vault managers keep the house running smoothly. 

Who’s the biggest homebody? And who’s the life of the party?

Honestly, no one at The Vault is a homebody. Everyone is the life of the party and there's never a dull moment. We always have a good time no matter what the circumstance.