Some of the biggest creators on TikTok  squeezed in one last scandal before 2020 took its final bow. A series of social media posts from photographer Bryant Eslava and creator Madi Monroe, as well as photos snapped by fans, suggest a gaggle of internet stars vacationed in the Bahamas over the new year, despite the fact that their home city of Los Angeles is currently under a stay-at-home order to slow the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. The trip prompted an outpouring of backlash from followers, but upon his return, TikTok star Noah Beck defended the trip as "necessary." 

"We've been so cautious," he told Pop Galore in a video, emphasizing that they took a private jet and stayed at a hotel with reduced capacity. "We just needed this time away to kind of reset...when you constantly have these comments, I think it was just necessary."

Suspicion began when Eslava posted a picture of his negative coronavirus test on his Instagram Story. He was then credited as the photographer of a photo of Monroe on a private jet.

Shortly after, fans sent in photos and videos to TikTokRoom that appear to show Charli D’Amelio, Dixie D’Amelio, Noah Beck, Chase Hudson, and Anthony Reeves alongside Eslava and Monroe on the getaway.

Eslava also posted an Instagram Story of himself with Beck, Hudson, and Reeves, followed by a picture of a palm tree using his filter titled “Bahamas,” seemingly a subtle nod to their vacation locale. 

Following the backlash, the creators keept the trip under wraps. The only content posted by the D’Amelio sisters was a (likely) pre-recorded announcement from their family on Instagram Stories about a charitable donation they plan to make, as well as TikToks from their hotel rooms. Beck posted content from his TikTok drafts, per his own caption. 

Eslava previously did a Bahamas photoshoot with a number of the same creators, although it’s unlikely any photos from this round will get the same amount of praise. Los Angeles county was recently designated the epicenter of California’s coronavirus battle, and those rumored to be on the trip are already receiving significant backlash in the comments of their social media posts. This comes after creator James Charles briefly disabled comments on a TikTok he posted with the D’Amelio sisters, Beck, Hudson, and Larray due to relentless criticism about large gatherings during the pandemic.



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