Tricia Wang, chef and member of the streamer house 404Haven, was livestreaming on Twitch from home in the Hollywood Hills on Monday February 22 when an intruder broke in and said she was “princess” who he was there to “save.” Wang, known as @triciaisabirdy online, and other members of 404Haven said on social media that the man seemed mentally unwell. Some viewers called the incident a publicity stunt, but the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed to nofilter that they received a call about a burglary on the 404Haven house's block at 8:43 p.m. on Monday, and that one person was taken in for a medical evaluation. 

“What’s wrong?” Wang asks in the livestream, which you can still watch on Twitch, when residents first realized there was a break in. “Please leave our house,” she later says to the intrudor, who is offscreen.

The stream cuts off abruptly, but Wang posted a video of the intruder on Twitter.

“It was probably one of the most insane experiences of my life,” Wang said on Twitch the following day. “I had nightmares all night.”

Wang says the intruder slid under a garage door as it was closing when 404Haven CEO Henry Coxall was returning home. He then rode the elevator to the floor where Wang was streaming, which suggests that the break-in may have been premeditated. 

After the incident, 404Haven confirmed on Twitter that all staff and house members were safe.

The LAPD did not confirm whether or not an arrest was made.