Social media has become so overrun with QAnon conspiracy theories that Twitter and Instagram have recently cracked down on it. Influencers like @Little.Miss.Patriot, who had her account suspended, have, among other things, spread misinformation about COVID-19. 

Now a group of wellness and yoga influencers have come out against the conspiracy, which primarily pushes the false belief that prominent politicians and celebrities are engaging in child sex trafficking. 

“We are aware that QAnon originated on the dark web of hate and white supremacy, and have repackaged their message to appeal to spiritual communities,” the statement, which has been shared by popular yoga teachers like Seane Corn, Amy Ippoliti, and Susanna Barkataki, reads. “Don’t be fooled. The true intent of QAnon is to spread misinformation, blame, conflict, and sow racial division in our country.”


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The statement emphasizes that the values of QAnon do not align with those of the wellness community and encourages readers to share the slides, which Corn says were written “in collaboration with various leaders in the wellness community.” 

“Too many folks, including many of my dear colleagues, have bought into their divisive and outrageous messaging for me not to speak out,” Corn writes in the caption of the graphic. 

“I’m part of a collective of wellness and yoga folks and in this time of confusion I take a stand for satya and ahimsa,” Barkataki captions her photo, referring to two yoga yamas that represent the restraint from falsehood and freedom from violence, respectively. 

After gaining public attention in 2016 thanks to Pizzagate, a debunked conspiracy theory that politicians like Hillary Clinton were running a child sex trafficking ring out of a pizza parlor, the movement has infiltrated social media, ramping up in recent months ahead of the presidential election. Followers have spread false information about COVID-19 and the incorrect theory that furniture company Wayfair was trafficking children after a glitch mispriced a number of cabinets. 

Along with the statement, the creators are using the hashtag #unitetostopq for those in the community who feel similarly to amplify their support.