Attempting to understand a TikTok trend can be as simple as “everyone is obsessed with this dress covered in strawberries” or as complicated as “a song from a made-for-TV Disney movie about wolves has been co-opted by furries.” Today’s post is about the latter. 

I first noticed this trend courtesy of actress Iris Apatow, who made a video of herself and sister Maude moving like wolves to a remix of the song “We Own The Night” from Disney’s Zombies 2.

“I'm the Alpha, I'm the leader, I'm the one to trust (trust),” the lyrics read. “Together we do whatever it takes, we're in this pack for life (awoo)/We're wolves, we own the night."

When I say “moving like wolves,” I mean choreographed pawing at the ground meant to look like a wolf running in place, accented by a nice big howl in time with the song. This dance, if that’s what we want to call it, appears to have been popularized last month by a user named @cyclone_floof, who is a furry, or a human who identifies with anthropomorphic animal characters. The remix was made back in July by a user named @titanium042683, who identifies as a “pup.”

The videos were then riffed on by a user named @stinkyasher and an anonymous user with the TikTok handle @user4021282050683. In Asher’s viral video, he performs the dance without context, seemingly lightly poking fun at @cyclone_floof. In @user4021282050683’s video, she gives herself a “wolf profile” and claims to be part of the “Moonlight Sun” clan. Both videos received over two million views.


meet rose moon🥀✨🌙💔😞

♬ We own the night - Pup Enenra

“I’M ON FURRY/HORSE GIRL TOK,” one person commented on @user4021282050683’s video. 

“She definitely reads werewolf books on Wattpad and thinks she’s a part of a wolf pack,” another wrote. 

The song is super catchy, though, so more people wanted in. People, and also dogs. My favorite is the “small white crusty dog” chain:


#duet with @ellierisdal newest addition to the white crusty dog pack 😈😤🤩 #duet #fyp #wolfpack #wolves


Even the stars who sang the song in Zombies 2, TikTokker Baby Ariel and actress Chandler Kinney, posted their own videos.


had no one to do this with so wynter had to snap on her own

♬ We own the night - Pup Enenra

looks like our wolf pack is growing @babyariel @pearcejoza 🐺 #weownthenight

♬ We own the night - Pup Enenra

But now that the trend has blown up, the original creators feel like it’s all one big joke being made at their expense. 

“Your hate, it’s not working,” @cyclone_floof says in a recent video. “Furries are people too.” 

“Yes, I’m a Pup. Get over it,” @titanium042683 wrote in his own clapback about his song. “And NO, I am NOT deleting it!” 

The trend has prompted yet another conversation about bullying and TikTok, with users worrying that something like this could cause mental health issues for young and vulnerable creators. Luckily, neither @cyclone_floof nor @titanium042683 seem deterred, and have continued posting their regular content. But unluckily for me, now this song will never leave my head.